Black & Whites

Processed with VSCO
Captured at : Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Captured at : Hotel Hilton, Jaipur
Captured at : Jaipur, Rajasthan
Captured at : Birla Mandir, Jaipur
Captured at : Tinder Box(Cafe), Jaipur

Hello world,
Here I come up again to show you all some more pictures clicked by me. My new blog post, any guesses what is it all about ?
This post is about my favorite effect in photography, Black & White (BNW). I love to click black and white images.

There’s something very different and special about black and whites. They take you back to those times when people had no idea that colored pictures  would be there too, flashback to those days when digital cameras, DSLRs or Polaroids were not even thought of, days when even Television programs were black and white.

Black & White pictures have their own charm. According to me, these pictures express the ups and downs of life. Black represents the difficult, sad days of your life when sometimes you break down and feel completely hopeless, but then there comes a shining bright ray of light in your room filled of darkness which shows you the way to  get out of your gloomy mood and have a grin on your face once again. This bright light represents the white color. But remember sadness is just a part of life not the heart of life.
So, life is all about the black and whites, a combination of happiness and sadness.

In the end I would just like to say that never be discouraged, keep your hopes high always.

Love to all.
Keep commenting and giving your views. 🙂


Author: Photography Enthusiast

I am an Indian. I love to capture everything that catches my eyes, I also make sketches and doodle when I'm free. Photography has become the most essential part of my life and therefore, I want to make my name in this field and let success knock my door.

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